Benjamin Alexander is an intimate vision of curation and lifestyle offering the luxury of quality, comfort and experience that is ethically responsible. Proudly crafted in New Zealand, Benjamin Alexander offers apparel and accessories that disrupts the current process of producing clothing.

Benjamin Alexander's mission is to build considered practices within the luxury market whilst exhibiting transparency over all sectors, mixing rich tradition with contemporary innovation. Partnering with local and international artists and employing artisanal practices, the brand’s vision of luxury clothing is considerate of the effects on the future of design, and the planet.

Our responsibility:

We have a responsibility as a brand and as individuals to exhibit transparency across all sectors and provide evidence of how our clothing is made. We are aware of the huge impact that unsustainable and unethical clothing has on the planet and the people that live on it. We strive to commit to create clothing that doesn't compromise the ability of the environment or people to be valued within themselves and their community. 

Social impact:

All of our products are proudly made in New Zealand. By working with local manufactures we are investing in an industry that is our home. We want to build strong, personal relationships with everyone involved in the production process to reinforce the value of our clothing and what it means to be New Zealand made. 

Our sourcing:

We work with a number of suppliers based in India, Turkey, China and England that are open about their practice. Our cotton supplier in Turkey holds the Global Organic Textile Standard Certification (GOTS) and have contributed to cultural and philanthropic activities in their region. Our cotton supplier in England has been a family run business since 2005 and partner with GOTS certified mills in India, Turkey and China. Our embroidered fabrics are from a supplier Kolkuta, India and are again GOTS certified whom have won the Grand Jury Prize for Most Innovative Fabric at premier vision in Paris. A new supplier we have started working with creates 100% sustainable vegan leather crafted from cactus. We also work with local suppliers that import deadstock fabric that would otherwise be waste.


Should you have any questions about our production or anything related to how we operate, we are more than happy to help. Email your questions to